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Delayed/late delivery

Unfortunately unforeseen circumstances outside of our control can cause deliveries to be delayed. The most common reasons for deliveries to be delayed are problems at customs especially sending parcels internationally including incorrect paperwork, incorrect information and lack of information. Weather can also impact on deliveries such as heavy snowfall and flooding. Parcels being incorrectly packaged can result in delays or damages. Please take a look at our Packaging Guide for advice and tips. If a parcel has been under declared in weight or in size this can also result in unnecessary delays and/ or the return of the consignment at an extra cost which will be beyond our control.

It’s important that you don’t wrap your parcel in black plastic; automated sortation machinery is unable to process it, meaning your parcel will be delayed.

To see if your package has been delayed please go to www.ipostparcels.com and enter your consignment number or reference number in the ‘Tracking your parcel’ box.

For more information regarding delayed deliveries please click here to see our terms and conditions.